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Our Mandate is clear

Our Mandate

Safe, secure, quality education for all. Bring God back into schools – for all religions. Ensuring the safety and emotional wellbeing of o1 by having on-site social workers, random drug test counseling, mini rehab centers and security systems in place. Technical schools, equipping learners with practical trades at school level

Job Creation
Ensuring job creation for all, regardless of race, age, or affiliation.
Exposing Communities to untapped ensures job creation and economic growth for the province

Local beneficiation within the Northern Cape. Mining houses are to be held accountable for their social and labour responsibilities
Restoring the dignity of our people by proving quality, efficient health care by enforcing current systems and enforcing accountability



The Northern Cape to become South Africa’s Economic epicenter

The Northern Cape is well positioned and equipped to become South Africa’s economic epicenter and to attract investors both nationally and internationally. Our rich landscapes offer a plethora of opportunities for sector revitalization, market accessibility, and the emergence of new economies.

A province where safety and security for all people, regardless of race or affiliation, are at the top of mind and highly prioritized. Ensuring a safe and stable province that inspires business and investor confidence, led by the commitment to eradicate poverty and diminish social and state reliance. Having a zero tolerance approach to corruption means creating enabling environments that co-exist and co-create opportunities that promote business and skills development, advancement. and retention.

To serve, empower, educate, impact, and edify the lives of all who live in it. As a province beaming with economic development and prosperity, we endeavor to become self-sustainable. Each neighbor is responsible for his or her neighbor. Leaving no one behind. Restoring the Northern Cape, sector by sector, ward by ward, one stone at a time that will eventually lead to a prosperous Northern Cape for all. Opportunities don’t happen;you create them.

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